A house to live the countryside

A house to live the countryside

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Is Mallorcan house dazzled its current owners as soon as they saw it. It had been tillage and needed a reform to inhabit it, but it had charm, a thousand square meter garden and was at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain range, in Selva, just thirty kilometers from the beach. The idea was to spend holidays there, live in contact with nature, breathe clean air and enjoy the sun. The reform they carried out was based on expand the useful surface, and therefore they glazed and conditioned a part of the porch to turn it into a room that they could use all year. The area of ​​the porch that continues to open is now an outdoor dining room, which is safe from the heat thanks to the shade provided by an iron pergola and several awnings. The interior of the house was also reorganized to adapt it to the new needs: a diaphanous space was created, shared by the dining room and the kitchen, and two bedrooms were made; In the children's one a loft was made, ideal for games.

To provide these environments with warmth, the textures and color of the coatings were key. The walls were painted in a sand tone and a white patina was applied to the solid pine flooring and ceiling guard with which this material acquired a rustic, very natural finish. With this serene and cozy starting point, the decoration was based on simplicity. White covers in the living room, natural wood furniture and bed linen in neutral tones evoke the rural lifestyle, while achieving a feeling of greater breadth and full comfort.

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The facade of the house, which went from being an old farmhouse to a holiday destination with two key changes: a part of the porch was incorporated into the house to gain meters and a pool was made in the garden. In the pool, round fiber cushions, from Ikea, and behind, custom-made mats.


The star piece: CENTER TABLE

Made of natural wood, we like this table because of the simplicity of its design lines and the solidity provided by its sturdy legs. The drawing formed by its marked veins also has a lot of charm.


On the porch of the house

A summer dining room was created, protected from the sun with an iron pergola with several awnings and curtains. In the dining room, table and armchairs, Ikea.


Living room with views

Several large sliding doors merge the interior with the exterior landscape. In each, a screen-type roller blind allows you to regulate the entry of abundant natural light. The platform in this environment is the same as inside the house, a pine wood that, with a white patina, acquires a very natural look.

Seating area

Part of the porch was glazed to expand the surface of the house. In this new space a living room was located, with splendid views of the garden, and that can now be used all year. Decorated in white, to enhance the luminosity, in this environment the sofa and the coffee table were completed with three poufs and a floor lamp.


Reading corner in the living area

Two armchairs and a rug make up a reading corner. Ikea sofa and removable poufs. Floor lamp and armchairs, by Riera Furniture. Coffee table made by a carpenter.

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New distribution

A thick master pillar indicates the place where the facade of the house used to be. Now this element acts as a key part of the distribution. On one side, there is the porch with the living room, and on the other, the dining room. Communication between the two environments is fluid, thanks to the two large openings that opened in the wall.

Dining room and kitchen

The two environments share space once the reform is done. Without partitions that separate them, a sense of spaciousness and comfort was gained. The kitchen was distributed on a single front, so that the work area, with sink, plate and paneled refrigerator, was in line with the back wall. To expand the storage capacity and the countertop surface, a cabinet with cabinets was placed in front of them, which also acts as a dividing element between kitchen and dining room. Dining table, by Mestre Paco. Chairs, ceiling lamps and kitchen furniture, from Ikea. Oven, from Teka. Bell by Balay.

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Main bedroom

The elegant neutrality of white and natural wood enhance the clarity in this room and convey the feeling of a calm space. Only the cushions and bedspreads alter the color uniformity.


In the bedroom

Bedding, from Zara Home. Floor lamp, from Ikea. Wardrobe with sliding doors, custom made by a carpenter.

Natural environment in the children's bedroom

The decoration of the children's bedroom is based on simplicity. The absence of ornaments and furniture gives an austere air to the environment that, however, is cozy and enveloping. Natural light is responsible for enhancing the textures of the materials, among which the solid wood flooring stands out. In the foreground, with a closet for children and a shelf, which offers a large support area, the spacious entrance to the room was used.

Child's bedroom

Sheets, bedspreads and cushions, from Zara Home. Carpet by Ikea. The beds were commissioned to an upholsterer, and the closet, to a carpenter.

To take better advantage of the space

The ceiling height encouraged the owners to make a loft, to get more out of the room. In this way, children have a play area with a sloping roof. An exempt closet was placed at the entrance to the bedroom. In spite of being a bulky piece of furniture, the white color lightens its visual weight and its doors of squares and curtains integrate it in the rustic and natural decoration.

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