A renovated apartment full of light and vitality

A renovated apartment full of light and vitality

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The owners of this central Madrid home were clear about how they wanted their home to be, from the small details to those that give character to the decoration such as materials, distribution and furniture.

The couple still lived in the United States when they bought this house, which they fell in love with, due to its many possibilities, through an online real estate portal. A building with tradition, in an unbeatable area, with high ceilings and large windows. The company Basalto S.L. was in charge of the reform. in collaboration with the study of the architect César Díaz Roncero. After a comprehensive demolition, the result is worthy of admiration.

The monochromaticism of all the walls and the carpentry are the perfect background to highlight the presence of the furniture of the house, most of them brought from the trips that the couple has made, rescued from antique dealers and family memories. So that the final effect is not linear, in the living room, color notes have been introduced through textiles and contemporary-style paintings, which coexist in harmony with quartered windows and plaster moldings on the ceilings. The kitchen is the only room that maintains a minimal line, with which it has been possible to visually multiply its meters.

The absence of curtains in the windows enhances the flow of natural light and allows you to enjoy the views and the beauty of the vegetation that decorates the balconies. Only in the bedrooms have shutters in the form of a booklet in wood have been respected, because they give some privacy to these spaces. In the master bedroom multiple colors coexist, although again on a white base, which unifies all the decoration. In short, this project reflects how it is possible to raise the charm of the spaces with good planning and quality materials.

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Custody of the windows, the living area is a successful amalgam of trends and decorative styles. Precisely the mixture is what brings wealth and personality to the room. Chester sofa with cushions, from Usera Usera. The twin libraries, on each side of the window, are made of steel and glass and are pieces vintage, like the coffee table, made of marble.

Shared space

An inverted U-shaped structure visually delimits the dining room. Although the furniture of sober lines predominates, the color notes on the cushions, the white leather of a classic, such as the Chester sofa, and the works of art of abstract style bring the whole set closer to the present. The crystal ceiling lamp is an antique chandelier model, which incorporates a romantic and elegant note. Its presence in the middle of the room achieves a great decorative effect, enhanced by the height of the ceilings. Fiber cushion, from El Globo Muebles.

Objects with a past

This still life is a reflection of the combination of styles that prevails throughout the house, decorated with pieces of family heritage, furniture purchased in other countries and current designs. Orange and bird porcelain candle holder, from Usera Usera. White candle holder, from Los Peñotes. The box is an antique and the tray, a memory of a trip made by the owners of the house.

Clear environment

The pieces vintage They take center stage in the dining room. Despite the visual weight of the antique furniture, the area is cleared thanks to the predominance of white color in the walls and carpentry, the soft tone of the floor and the absence of curtains in the windows. Frutero, from Usera Usera. Vases, from Los Peñotes. The tall crystal chandeliers belonged to the family.

Dining with tradition

The ornate moldings of plaster of the ceiling are the original ones of the house. Both the chairs and the table belonged to the family, they have been combined with a glass and steel ceiling lamp and accessories that rejuvenate the decoration. Orange yarn tablecloth, from Filocolore. The chairs have been reupholstered with fabric in a very soft cream tone.

The kitchen

The white furniture merges with the walls in a light composition, which respects the empty spaces. Due to its small size, white was the ideal candidate to decorate and visually multiply the space. The floor, the same as the rest of the house, provides warmth and accentuates the minimalist design of the furniture, without handles or devices.

Office reduced

On one of the kitchen partitions that borders the corridor of the house, a closed space is projected with a fixed transparent glass panel. Stratically placed, let natural light pass from the salt to the breakfast corner, furnished with a high table and a couple of stools. Round glass table and stools, similar in La Oca.

Children's bedroom with future vision

With a crib, inherited, for the first months, but with a bed. Carpet by Zara Home. Cushions and mattress on the bed, for sale in the Filocolore store.

Current classic children's bedroom

The dresser, which is also inherited, is a versatile piece that will remain for years. The effect is a classic children's room, but updated thanks to the paintings and textiles.

Burst of color in the bedroom

The main bedroom maintains white as the base on which colored brushstrokes are combined: a range of roses in different shades, green, yellow and blue. A daring combination and in perfect balance. For sale in Usera Usera: carpet, from Designers Guild.

Warm textiles in the bedroom

Bedding, Texture. Pink cushion, by Filocolore. For sale in Usera Usera: silk padded plaid in pink.

Total connection with the bedroom

The use of the same floor covering, the unit in the shades that decorate the bathroom and the play of images that causes the large mirror supported on the wall, contribute to creating a sense of continuity between the bathroom and the master bedroom. The large mirror you will find similar in L. A. Studio.

Integrated bathroom

The master bedroom has been conceived as an open space, in which the bathroom is integrated. In front of the window, as a viewpoint, a bench has been placed to rest, relax or read. On the bench: small, Filocolore and large cushions, in embroidered silk, for sale in the Usera Usera store.

Decorative details in the bathroom

To avoid direct view of the toilet from the bedroom, the shower cabin is located in front. This has been delimited with a transparent glass screen without profiles. On the wall that hides the cistern, an art note and some floral arrangements revitalize the white front.

Plan and keys of the reform

- The original plaster moldings of the ceiling have been maintained. To recover the most damaged areas, custom molds were commissioned with these motifs.
- The heating system is underfloor heating.
- Kahrs oak flooring unifies all rooms of the house with a warm effect.
- The lighting is activated by motion sensors, of Olive Lamps.
- Part of the carpentry has been restored from the original. The windows with frames are integrated into the facade of the building.
- The plain white walls of the whole house reflect natural light.