A renovated apartment to gain light

A renovated apartment to gain light

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"It presented a decayed and bleak image due to excessive compartmentalization. Except for the two rooms that overlook the main facade, the floor had hardly natural lighting." Thus they explain from EO architecture the dark and depressing state in which a flat was in the Eixample of Barcelona before going through their hands and undergoing a process of complete reform. When the project reached its studio, the architects were clear from the outset the main objective to achieve: "take advantage of the low natural light".

To achieve this, they decided to break all barriers that prevented the sun's rays from roaming freely inside. Only the three load-bearing walls remained, which the studio put in their favor by using them to divide the 65m2 of the floor into three main areas: a living room, a kitchen with dining room and the master bedroom.

During the reform, they restored the traditional elements that the house had, such as moldings and carpentry, and created new doors and beams of current lines. The white color, which they have used profusely, serves to increase the luminosity and coherence has been given to the two periods that coexist in the house thanks to the oak floors, which cover all the environments, "acting as a continuous layer that unifies the spaces and that promptly rises to build the furniture, "they point out.

Photos: Adrià Goula

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EO Arquitectura has been the study responsible for converting a dark and claustrophobic apartment in Barcelona into a bright and spacious space home.

Remove barriers

To let the light pass, they knocked down all the walls they could, leaving only three in pee (the cargo ones)

Past and present

The architects restored traditional elements of the house and combined them with new ones, finding a coherence between them thanks to the white color and the oak floor and furniture.

Opening policy

In the load-bearing walls, they opened the gaps to connect the spaces and let the light pass.

Shared spaces

In between the kitchen have placed a dining area.

Natural light

The room is the room with more light, so the goal of the reform was to multiply the brightness of this room and take it to others.

Big time

The master bedroom was opened to the hallway and a small room was added which is now the dressing room.

White, black and wood

View of the bathroom, in the same shades as the rest of the house.

New finishes

Most of the added elements have been made with plywood with oak finish.


Dark and with barriers that prevented the light from reaching the interior of the house.

Plan before

The 65m2 were very compartmentalized.

Later plane

Partitions were demolished to create wide and bright spaces.

Before and after

In these plans we can see the changes that occurred after the reform


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