A white floor with sailor airs

A white floor with sailor airs

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Less than a year ago, Ana was crossing the door of this apartment for the first time in the Madrid neighborhood of Alfonso XIII, very close to Torres Blancas and the Puerta de América hotel. "When I bought it, it was decorated in a way that did not fit my personality," he explains, but he loved the area "because I grew up here and I have everything I need in less than five minutes walking," and he saw a lot of potential in this house.

He did not make major reforms, but the change was radical: "I painted everything white because, although the floor is very bright, I wanted it even more radiant." For the furniture, he chose the Nordic and fresh style of the Kenay Home firm and combined it with some details of Ikea and Zara Home. Then he gave character with more personal touches, like a wall piano, "an old hobby of my father that I am trying to recover"; shells, lamps with a wave and a sun, pictures painted by his grandmother and photos of the beach where he spends at least three months a year.

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Almost all the pieces were bought at Kenay Home.

Radiant white

Our reader Ana opted for this apartment that belonged to an elderly couple and was somewhat outdated for her. With white and Nordic-inspired furniture he adapted it to his style. In the living room, Kenay Home sofa bed and photograph of Atlas Beach Tarifa.

Think green

On the coffee table in the living room, some plants give the space a natural touch.


This white painted wooden wall cabinet is integrated into the space and provides the storage needed.

Hit on the key

In the living room, a wall piano, "an old hobby of my father that I am trying to recover," explains Ana.


A mirror that occupies the entire dining room wall visually expands the space.

Mirrors set

Another mirror supported on one of the walls of the living room reflects the natural light that enters through the window.

A table set

The dining room with a light wooden table and white chairs can accommodate four people.

Deserved rest

In the bedroom, two staircase shelves act as bedside tables.


On the steps, Ana has placed pieces for which she feels special predilection and that define her, such as this Kenay Home cactus and Fuji's instant camera.

Sea breeze

Ana is passionate about the sea and in her room we can see some objects that remind her.

Like a wave

A lamp with the motive of a wave

White and wood

A DIY photo camera and another white ceramic cactus from Kenay Home.

By hand

In the absence of drawers, a box allows you to store small objects.

Radiant piece

Another lamp, this time with the screen adorned with a sun.

The sea is heard

A glass with shells to remember the beach.

Get comfortable

At the foot of the bed, a chest of drawers with four white drawers.

Holiday souvenir

On a bedroom wall, "photographs of Atlas Beach Tarifa, where I spend at least 3 months a year," Ana explains.

To hang up

On the dresser, ropes to hang photos of Kenay Home.

Bathroom Detail

Tassels and stars personalize the white closet.

Bathroom The kitchen