The perfect (kitchen) robot

The perfect (kitchen) robot

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Surely in the kitchen you have small appliances that help you eat healthy and shorten the cooking time. But if you don't have a kitchen robot yet, take note.


They are wonderful, because they do the same tasks as several mini appliances: they crush, beat, knead, liquefy ... These machines facilitate the elaboration of elaborate dishes. The main disadvantage is its price, since they are expensive. They are also large and heavy.

Are they profitable? If you have a large family or give it intensive use at least 3 times a week. To make spoon stews, stewed meats, desserts ... are a great ally.

What you should keep in mind when choosing the right kitchen robot for you.

Capacity: There are models with 2 or 3 containers, with a volume that ranges between 1 and 4 liters. As the robot in the photo above, Suavinex, with jug, basket and rice.

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Security: They usually have many sharp blades and pieces. Check that the lid of the glass has an opening locking system.

Power: It oscillates between 300 and 900 watts, depending on the volume of the glass. They have a synchronous motor that adapts the speed to the quantity and density of the ingredients.

Maintenance: Find one that is easy to disassemble, so you won't be lazy to use it. The stainless steel retain less grease and clean better. Try to make the accessories dishwasher safe.


Dehydrators At home, these devices are used to dry fruit and vegetable cuts, make snacks and dry food without much moisture. The dehydrated pieces hold in perfect condition for months.

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Slow cooker, low temPerature It is known as crockpot or slow cooker, and serves to cook at controlled temperature and for many hours. It works with electricity and can be programmed on time and cooked. With the slow pot you get super nice textures and flavors. Furnaces sous vide They are cooked by immersion, the most accurate that exists and the food is vacuum packed beforehand.

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Kitchen blender in red and glass jar.

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Silicone cases.A very useful system for singles to those who like to eat healthy. The individual silicone cases are designed for a ration and can be put in an oven and microwave. Inside the airtight case the food is placed with a little water and steamed in minutes. Fast, clean and low calorie cooking.

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There are kitchen robots connected through the App. There are models with bluetooth connection, which allow cooking control even from the smartphone wave tablet.

Express pot Don't miss: save energy, reduce cooking time and better conserve all food nutrients.

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Make bread or pizzas. A simple bakery will allow you to prepare sweet and savory breads and choose toasted crust. The electric rotary pizza ovens prepare them in a pispás.


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