A Parisian house with patio and a very special deco

A Parisian house with patio and a very special deco

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When incorporating a superior silver to the house it was necessary to carry out a project of reorganization of spaces. The owners of this house, located in Paris, relied on the Camille Hemand studio to create a private area for marriage on one floor and transfer the entire space of another to teenage children.

The parents' room was located on the second floor with a predominance of white from the floor to the ceiling. Although some vertical elements incorporate color. Some pieces that confer a very attractive retro aesthetic also stand out.

On the first floor, each teenager has their own room. One of them in blue tones and with bathroom with shower incorporated. Another of the bedrooms is located next to the bathroom and is decorated in gray. The guest room is a library where old comics of the owner look and has an area chill out

The color of the staircase wall, in olive green, is personal. The black railing adds a contemporary touch.

Photos: Jennifer Sath

Advertising - Read on below Patio and outdoor dining

Image of the patio of the house with an outdoor dining room to enjoy the good weather.

With a floor that delimits the area Wood and metal for outdoor furniture

Wood and metal for outdoor furniture, surrounded by green.

The facade, contemporary style

White, dark gray and glass carpentry.

View of the house with the entrance staircase A modern and artistic mobile at the door

To the sound of the wind.

The lounge with two areas

In the living room, a living area with sofas around a table and facing the TV, and another as a library or corner to enjoy reading, next to the window.

The living area

With retro air sofas.

Blank walls and color in textiles Designer lighting

Different lamps, luminous ornaments on the wall and a lot of design.

View from being to the reading area Work furniture

The living room with glass coffee table and a piece of furniture that integrates the fireplace.

Material Detail

A simple floral arrangement on the coffee table, in glass, which reveals the fiber carpet in the living room.

The living room Delicate floral arrangement detail The luminous wall The lounge lamps In detail Reading zone

With a sofa and shelves.

Corner to let the imagination fly Floor to ceiling

A floor to ceiling bookcase.

The couch Deco detail on the shelf

The world of comics, for the love of the owner of the house to this type of reading, is very present in the decoration.

Framed artwork Decoration on the shelf A wall that pays tribute to the comic The dinner room

With a rectangular table in white and chairs in color.

The dining room: spacious and bright The dinner room REMOVE View of the passage to the dining room Metal lockers

With deco robots on the lockers, right in an area of ​​passage to the living room.

The exterior facahda of the house Exterior carpentry detail House garden The hall Detail of the console at the entrance

The hall welcomes you with a white and blue checkered tile floor and a wooden console.

In wood Wall decoration detail Stairs A charming corner Large windows

That fill the house with natural light.

The main room

Blank, wood and touches of color. Highlights the roof window on the bed.

The headboard with wallpaper

A work headboard that becomes a support shelf. The rest of the wall is decorated with a geometric wallpaper.

Headboard front detail Large amplitude

The master bedroom, located on the top floor, has storage space and integrated bathroom.

Detail of the bedside table in the bedroom

Next to the bed an original bedside table.

With colour

One of the walls is painted in an intense blue color. Here you can find a desk that also becomes a dressing table.

Very flirty

This corner of the bedroom is flirty. The desk receives natural light. The floor, in a light tone, and the luminosity allows the wall to be painted blue.

Detail of the shelves Standing mirror and support chair

In a corner of the master bedroom.

The entrance to the bathroom

In the background, in front of the desk, is the entrance to the bathroom of the main room.

The front of the sink

The bathroom has been decorated in black and white and with pieces that give it a retro air.

With work shower

Access to the shower.

Barbershop mirror

An element that enhances the retro air that the bathroom itself has through the coverings and the design of the washbasin cabinet.

Wall warehouse next to the sink

Wall warehouse next to the sink.

Youth bedroom in blue

With the main wall wallpaper and fronts lacquered in blue.

Beside the closet, custom storage space Warehouse front Entrance to the bathroom

This youth bedroom has its own bathroom which is accessed through a glazed workshop-like front.

Desk and bookcase The interior of the bathroom

All in blue tones.

Hydraulic tile floor

Hydraulic tile floor and a large blue furniture. The rest, blank.

Stairway detail

Steps in wood, railing painted in black and the wall in olive green. Very contemporary and elegant.

Distributor hall From the entrance