A renovated 40 m2 flat with lovely vaulted ceilings

A renovated 40 m2 flat with lovely vaulted ceilings

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The architecture studio Egue y Seta signs the renovation of this apartment located in the Barceloneta Beach, in the Barcelona. Small and somewhat deteriorated, their owners wanted a place to escape and spend their vacation days. Now, after the works, it has become a functional and comfortable housing. The project focused on changing the distribution; its 40 m2 were organized in two areas: the day, a unique space where there is access to housing, the living room with dining room and the integrated kitchen; and at night, with the bedroom and the bathroom.

The private area became independent through a glazed enclosure and a high two-sided cabinet, which does not reach the ceiling. Towards the kitchen this includes a cupboard and towards the bedroom, a closet. With the same objective of gaining visual breadth, we opted for a continuity in the coatings.

The walls were painted white, although some fronts were left in exposed brick, which brings warmth. To cover the floor of the house, it was played with a decorative combination of oak floor and hydraulic mosaic. Together with the roof, of exposed beams and vaults, it was achieved that all environments gain personality.

As for the decoration, we opted for a fresh and casual style, which combines a charming Mediterranean air, with wooden surfaces and contrasts in White and blue, and the urban touch provided by functional furniture and chosen design pieces, such as dining chairs or ceiling lamps.


Combining the warmth of the wood with the charm of the hydraulic tile is a very frequent trend, especially in kitchens open to the living room. In these cases, the tile is installed to protect the cooking zone. With this solution, in addition to visually delimiting the environments, a decorative and dynamic contrast is achieved.

There is a great variety of compositions. The wood can be installed in the form of slats or spike, while the hydraulic is sold in square or hexagonal pieces. With them they are made from simple borders to attractive mosaics as carpets.

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The living room, which has no left over meters, was decorated with versatile furniture: a sofa that converts into a bed and some side tables to move them as needed.

Model sofa bed Brooke and tables Graphik, from Maisons du Monde. Cushions and frame, from Cado. Blanket, Matter

Fiber baskets and bench

Decorative solutions were sought to delimit the living room environments without overwhelming the space. In addition to covering the floor of the living room with a carpet, two fiber baskets and a wooden bench were placed to mark the passage from one area to another.

Jute carpet, from Sacum. Fiber baskets, from Cado. Floor lamp, in Matter. Plant and flowers,
from Bossvi.

Jute carpet

Carpets are excellent insulators of cold and heat; In addition, the models of vegetal fibers enrich the decoration and give a summer air to the rooms. And if they have a soft touch to the barefoot, like jute, the better.

Masters chairs

By placing the kitchen just in front of the living area and dining room, a natural transition from one area to another was created. In addition, with this distribution the overall feeling was favored.

Model chairs Mastersfrom Kartell. Tablecloth and crockery, from Cado. Lamp Bellby Normann Copenhagen.

Vaulted ceilings

In the kitchen, there are high vaulted ceilings and a brick wall that adds character. Thanks to the successful combination with white furniture and wooden surfaces in natural tone, a warm, enveloping and cozy atmosphere was created.

Work furniture

A piece of furniture, which does not reach the ceiling, separates the kitchen from the master bedroom. In addition to acting as a partition, multiply the storage space. To facilitate the flow of natural light, the front was completed with a glass door.

Brick wall

Kitchen furniture, from Kivik. Oak floor and hydraulic tiles, Neoceramic.

Kitchen integrated to the living room

When the kitchen is integrated into the living room, the use of different materials to cover the floor will help you define the environments.

The combination of wood and hydraulic tile, in addition to trend, is ideal to give a unique style to the house

Dining room lamp

For the dining room, choose a lamp that illuminates the table completely without disturbing the guests. Place it well centered and ensure that the screen is about 20 cm above the eyes

Wood pallet and hydraulic tiles

As soon as you enter the house, you can appreciate the importance that has been given to the cladding - oak wood flooring and hydraulic tiles - and original elements, such as the vault roof. In addition, the blue color of the wall anticipates the coastal and Mediterranean style that predominates in the interior.

Main bedroom

In the master bedroom, the white of the walls and the bedding alternated with textile accessories in different shades of blue to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Duvet cover and bedspread, from Filocolore. Cushions, from Cado. Wool blanket, from Teixidors, in Matter. Plaid, in La Maison. Venetian blinds, Living 66.

Bedside tables

If your bedroom is not very large, replace the traditional headboard with a work design that integrates the bedside tables. In this case, they were made with the same wood as the shelf that tops the wall.

Glazed partitions

To gain light in the bedroom without losing privacy: install glazed partitions and place natural plants in front that provide some privacy. In addition to giving a special touch to the decoration, many purify and improve
air quality.

Head of work

The bed is framed by a wooden headboard with a wooden envelope, which includes two niches with drawers as bedside tables. The closet, with sliding doors, is the other side of the furniture that
separate the bedroom from the kitchen.

Ceiling lamp model Eos Largeby Vita Copenhagen Carpentry of Disseny9Evo.


The bathroom follows the same Mediterranean aesthetic, current, which dominates throughout the house. Its appeal is the contrast of textures, materials and colors that combine perfectly: white ceramic coatings; accessories, fronts and ceiling painted in blue and wooden surfaces.

Ceiling lamps Brass Pendantfrom Anglepoise. Model Tiles Metrotile, of the signature Neoceramics.

Blue roof

Do not rule out giving color to the ceiling; but paint it in tune with the rest of the decoration and combine it with white walls. With this solution, in addition, you will make the stay seem somewhat wider.