A bright and functional bathroom

A bright and functional bathroom

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East bathroom, located in an area of ​​passage to the bedroom, next to the dressing room, It was completely transformed thanks to distributive solutions, raised with success. The change began by incorporating a small adjoining and attic area, which granted him meters. In addition, a couple of windows were opened and The bathtub was replaced by a shower tray. Instead of an access door, an open space was chosen, which communicates with the dressing room.

As for the coatings, the Marble is present on the walls of the shower area, on the floor and on the countertop run from the sink. The rest of the walls were painted white to multiply the brightness of the environment. Simplicity prevails and it is the details that decorate.

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One of the windows opened by the sink. A flirtatious textile curtain at medium height preserves the intimacy of the area without diminishing luminosity.
The countertop and the marble skirt are from Sanitation Navacerrada.

Stylish details

In the bathroom, plugs are essential to use electrical hygiene and beauty devices. In this case, both the wall and those integrated in the mirror front were chosen with a bright chrome frame.

The visual effect of the mirror

Despite the meters that the bathroom gained in redistribution, a mirror moon was installed in the front of the sink to gain a sense of depth through the image returned by the mirror. Artificial lighting is another key aspect in small spaces. The solution: halogen spotlights, embedded in the ceiling.

A washbasin front

The sink area was located in the place occupied by the bathtub. The vanity unit adapts to the front from side to side with a flown design of doors and drawers, with handles that reproduce marine forms. The cherry wood finish contrasts with the neutral tone of the coatings and provides warmth. Thanks to the dimensions of the wall, the bathroom has two breasts, embedded in the countertop, and sufficient support surface.

Support mirrors

In the gap between the window and the wall, precisely to take advantage of the light, a mirror with an extendable double-sided arm was installed: normal and magnifying.
Mirror, for sale at Ferretería Ortiz.

Work shower

The shower of work adapted to the hollow gained in the reform. It has a window with translucent glass, which prevents clear vision from the outside, and a double transparent glass screen with fixed panel and hinged door.
Screen installed by Pastor Glassworks.

Sprayer and shower

The shower faucet was placed on the column, also clad in marble. It consists of wall sprinkler and a bar with sliding shower faucet. The controls, from which the flow and temperature are controlled, were installed on the right wall.
Grohtherm taps, from Grohe.

Shelves in the shower

Is there anything more pleasant than enjoying a comforting shower to start or end the day? With all products at hand and hot towels, waiting outside. With this objective, marble shelves were installed on both sides of the column and a towel rail radiator next to the screen.