Discover the most impressive kitchens you can find in Airbnb accommodations

Discover the most impressive kitchens you can find in Airbnb accommodations

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Some plan their vacations based on how the hotel pool is, others focus on the beaches ... But those who love gastronomy above all things, only ask for one thing: that the accommodation has a dream kitchen.

And what if we have found ... Nothing more and nothing less than 12 houses with spectacular kitchens around the world, which you can book ipso facto on Airbnb!

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Advertising - Keep reading under 1 Nashville Airbnb

Can you imagine what it would be like to stay in this bungalow Built in 1930 in Nashville? Well, stop thinking about it and book it now, because it will be the best vacation of your life. It is a one bedroom apartment in the city center, next to bars, restaurants, shops, and the best music venues.

€ 129 per night.

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2 Ubud Airbnb

Bali, a villa eco friendly with capacity for a family, composed of three old teak buildings. We continue? The day area houses the kitchen, dining room, and living room, all with views of the forest and rice fields. The private area, on the other hand, has three bedrooms, a library, an entertainment room with television, and two more distributed floors in an office and a temple.

In addition, there is another teak house that contains a bedroom with private bathroom, air conditioning and a mini fridge. Terraces everywhere, an outdoor dream pool, a bonfire ... These are other extras that make this Ubud villa a real treasure that awaits your visit as May water.

€ 343 per night.

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3 Beirut Airbnb

This modern design home in the heart of Beirut could not be more inspiring. Full of natural light thanks to the large terrace next to the living room, the house stands out for a calm and peaceful decoration, where the protagonists are the details, the plants, and the natural materials such as wood.

€ 129 per night.

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4 Malaysia Airbnb

Enjoy an unforgettable informal meal in the kitchen of this beautiful house hidden in nature, or prepare a gala dinner at the large dining room table overlooking the trees and the river. Whatever you do, success is assured.

€ 217 per night.

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5 France Airbnb

This wooden house with garden is a real cute. In fact, its rustic airs are completed with the two hens that inhabit the farm.

The accommodation is ideal for families with children, since there is a small park outside, so that children can have fun while parents sunbathe on the terrace. Also, the tram leaves you in Bordeaux in a matter of ten minutes!

€ 159 per night.

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6 Melbourne Airbnb

Surely more than once you have dreamed of sleeping in a forest. Yes, yes, of those that appear in the stories, with fairies and everything. Well now you can make it happen, because this house with thematic decoration that mimics the jungle has many surprises inside ...

For starters, the living room and dining room will transport you directly to the corner where Tarzan usually takes a nap. Not to mention the Japanese-style bathroom, where the bathtub is lined with a layer of grass.

But if there is a room that maximizes the concept of originality, it is the bedroom, 100% inspired by the sky. In fact, the XXL size bed is the same as a cotton cloud, the same cloud that stars the wallpaper and the lamps that illuminate this celestial area.

€ 138 per night.

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7 China Airbnb

The comfort of modern life, with the charm of ancient China. So we could describe this design house away from the noise of the city, distributed in three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a toilet, a dream kitchen, indoor living rooms, and outdoor spaces.

The house, built in stone and wood, gives off the charm of mountain life thanks to its rustic air and an environment that could not be greener.

€ 535 per night.

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8 Tokyo Airbnb

The modern and minimalist design of this house built in 2008 in the center of Tokyo, is only suitable for the baggy pockets, but it is clearly worth it, even if it is only one night.

Divided into five floors, it can accommodate up to nine guests, and if the kitchen surprises you with its aesthetics and spaciousness, you know that there is a garden on the roof.

€ 826 per night.

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9 New York Airbnb

If you want to venture out and take a solo trip to New York to get to know Manhattan, this is your home. This is a private room in the home of Jeffrey, an artist who has his own workshop inside the house.

Although the bedroom is small, it is perfect for only one person, but the kitchen undoubtedly takes the prize. His style vintage, its natural lighting, and its many possibilities will make it your favorite space.

In addition, the opinions of Airbnb users mention how delicious Jeffrey's breakfasts are. The bug doesn't bite you?

€ 85 per night.

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10 Rio de Janeiro Airbnb

Located in a magical forest with spectacular waterfalls, this house is ideal for lovers of the most exotic nature. But the kitchen is only one of its attractions, because all the accommodation, including the two bedrooms, have enviable views of the palm trees that live outside. In fact, the dining room windows are impressive.

€ 212 per night.

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11 Bogota Airbnb

This three bedroom apartment has been designed to make you feel at home. Modern design of minimalist dyes, lots of natural lighting, and common areas that surprise by the extension of the space.

€ 56 per night.

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12 Holland Airbnb

This particular retro air kitchen belongs to a ship docked in the port of Holland. But don't be confused, because it has everything you need to spend a family weekend in style: three bedrooms, a bathroom with bathtub, living room, dining room, an indoor hammock, a music room, and a play area for children.

€ 250 per night.

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