Parador de Jaén: a luxury hotel with a ghost included

Parador de Jaén: a luxury hotel with a ghost included

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Jaén Hostel

Some will say that even crazy people would pay to spend a night of fear, others, however, will be packing to embark on an unforgettable mystery journey. And is that, according to the legend (and the claim of a client), in room 22 of the tower of the Castle of Santa Catalina in Jaén, a presence is dedicated to disturbing at night with terrible noises.

Knocks on the doors, lowering temperatures, sliding furniture, shadows, tears... And all concentrated in the same tower. But why?

A view of the elegant medieval-style dining room. Jaén Hostel Private gala dining room. Jaén Hostel

Apparently, Miguel Lucas de Iranzo, constable of the kingdom of Castile under the orders of King Henry IV, had a Muslim lover. The young woman, being the object of envy due to her influence on the man, who made him lose his job, was cruelly murdered in the castle.

Hall of the Castle of Santa Catalina. Jaén Hostel One of the hotel rooms. Jaén Hostel

Is she the ghost that roams the tower claiming revenge? You may try to find out by reserving the damn room