Garnish with vases

Garnish with vases

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Fernando Roi

They are the stars of the season, beautiful vases in shades and fashion materials, that dress any corner and adapt to all styles. Choose the one you like best.

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Very current Fernando Roi

Of clear oriental inspiration and with black and white flower silhouettes, € 16, in Balda.

2 For wide bouquets Fernando Roi

A fluted ceramic cup, € 37.95. It is sold in Sia.

3 Ceramics Fernando Roi

It mimics skin, € 27.95 and € 10.95. For sale in Bricor.

4 With spherical shape Fernando Roi

In yellow, the trendy color, € 44. For sale in Balda.

5 In red Fernando Roi

And with the foot in transparent glass, € 17.95, at Home.

6 Blank Fernando Roi

A white vase is a sure hit, € 45. From Destiny & Design.

7 Classically Fernando Roi

And two-tone colored glass, € 35.50, in Moss stores.

8 20s style Fernando Roi

Made in colored glass. It costs € 38.50 and is sold in Moss.

9 For long-stemmed flowers Fernando Roi

In different colors, € 8.95 / u. For sale in Bricor.

10 Rectangular Fernando Roi

And elegant for three unique flowers, € 48.90, in Canterano.

11 Fernando Roi

They are the Eva Solo Florentine model. Its price is € 47.50.

12 Fernando Roi

It costs € 89.50, in El Corte Inglés. The set of three reeds, € 16.50, in Banak Importa.

13 Fernando Roi

Rounded and tubular, from € 12 / cu, and flowers, € 2.80 / cu, at Casa Joven.

14 Fernando Roi

Shaped in battle in fuchsia and red, 43 cm high, € 17.50 / cu, from the firm Sia.

15 Fernando Roi

Glass with tiled effect, € 28, in A Loja do Gato Preto.

16 Fernando Roi

Carnaby model, 25 cm, € 25.20, in House Doctor.

17 Fernando Roi

The white, € 44, in Vieco + Deco; and crystal in lilac, € 18.99, at Zara Home.

18 In purple Fernando Roi

Round base with a very wide mouth, in purple on the outside and white on the inside, is the Lulu model, € 7.70, in La Oca.

19 Fernando Roi

With metal support, € 1.99 / cu, at Home.

20 Fernando Roi

With plant motifs, from € 58 / cu, in Sun and Moon.

21 Fernando Roi

50 cm, € 25, and 39 cm, € 20, from Andrea House.


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