Your house has something to tell you ...

Your house has something to tell you ...

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You know those moments when you realize that things are going well, but could they go much better? Well, it's the same as with your house. You have decorated it to your liking, you feel good in it, but in reality there are many wasted holes, many moments that you are missing ... And we are here to help you solve it!

Advertising - Keep reading below Small details IKEA

To make your life easier in the living room, the KRAGSTA series tables have been designed with a rounded shape that is perfect for supporting trays, coffee cups, snacks ... And since they are tiny and compact, when you don't need them You can place them in a corner. In this way, you will have the space according to your needs! The set of two is worth € 79.

Sustainable lighting IKEA

Times change, and concern for the environment (finally) begins to be taken seriously. For this reason, the VÄXJÖ family lamps, in addition to having a modern design that you will love and emitting a direct quality light, are compatible with the bulbs of the energy class A ++. € 39.99

By soil IKEA

If you have children at home, you will know how much they like to deploy their army of toys and start playing on the floor. That is why it is important that the living room carpet is wide, but also resistant to use and dirt, and that is what the HALVED model offers you, made 100% with pure virgin wool. € 149

Natural life IKEA

Living with plants is a luxury available to anyone, and adding a dose of nature to your home can bring you a lot of benefits (such as improving your breathing problems), so you already know what your next purchase will be ... Yes, no forget about decorating the seedlings with a pretty vase like the INDUSTRIELL terracotta model. € 19.99

Your reading corner IKEA

Reading in bed before sleeping is a pleasure, but doing it in your personal corner in the living room is an even greater luxury, especially if it is in a rocking chair with cushions as cool as the GRÖNADAL model. Get ready to have a dream between page and page! € 199

Feet in glory IKEA

Whenever you sit down to watch TV do you miss something? And no, we do not mean the control or the popcorn bowl, but the comfort that your legs will feel when you place them on top of the EKTORP footrest ... Thanks to its interior storage space, you can store games, blankets and everything you can think of to have it always at your disposal. € 149

All at hand IKEA

There is nothing more angry than washing your hands and realizing that there is no towel. But if you place a shelf like the RÅGRUND bamboo model next to the sink, you will have at your disposal a lot of shelves so that it does not happen again. € 49.99


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