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The design moves

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Young urbanites are the creators and recipients of PS 2014.Therefore, to get a collection according to your needs - small apartments, frequent changes of address, limited financial resources - it was signed to 14 thirties designers from all over the world who, together with the creative team of the firm, devised these objects. The pieces are not basic, but functional products that can be transported from one side to another. Flexibility and fun for humans in constant movement.

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Multi-purpose glass and stainless steel containers with powder coating. They are design by Mathias Hahn (€ 14.99 / three).

Shelving and coat rack

For tokiota Keiji Ashizawa, the purpose of this
Design is to enjoy the small spaces since with its articles you can take advantage of the corners of the house and have everything well organized.

Wall shelf with eleven knobs made of birch (€ 49.99).

A lamp that transforms

Video games and science fiction inspired David Wahl to create this lamp that changes the shape and intensity of the light when pulling the string (€ 49.99).

An ideal desk

Created by three Polish designers, the PS secretary
allows you to integrate the home office and close it when it's time to enjoy leisure (€ 189).

The perfect assistant

Storage table designed by three young New Yorkers. They define it as simple, active and easy to transform (€ 59.99).

The swedish Ebba Strandmark Sign this coat rack, made of solid birch and acrylic paint (€ 39.99).