A Nordic style room for two sisters

A Nordic style room for two sisters

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In the decoration and in the bedding, the most established pink color was discarded and played with soft tones, feminine and relaxing. Bedding, from Zara Home Kids. Cushions, by Deco & Living. Car cushion, from Luna de Papel.

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Symbol of the quintessential party, in the room you could not miss a cheerful and decorative garland. As it is so delicate made with cotton cloth and rope. It was placed on the wall painted in a vintage pink tone. Garland of clouds (€ 25.99), bedding and cushions, Deco & Living. On the bed, pink blanket, from Zara Home Kids.

Metal sideboard

Claudia has been sharing a room with Olivia for 9 months. A sideboard separates the study area from the crib. On the floor a round carpet was arranged where the two play. Ikea PS sideboard (€ 99). On the wall, sheets and shelf of small house, Deco & Living. Stroller, from a basketry in Seville.

Bed with headboard

In front of the crib, Claudia's bed was arranged, with a headboard. In this corner you can see the attractive mix of styles. Next to it, a wicker bedside table and a custom chest of drawers. Bedside table www.vadevintage.com. Chest of drawers, from Ikea. Car vinyls, from www.nicolasito.es. Train, from Luna de Papel. Shelving, by Deco & Living.

Coat rack and meter

Claudia begins to dress alone and to facilitate the task, Estela, her mother, leaves her clothes at hand in this coat rack made by dad. A measuring vinyl, like this one from Nicolasito.es, will help you know how much it has grown. Floral dress, by Emilie.

A garland of triangles

A garland of triangles and custom blackboards decorate the headboard wall. The wallpaper column indicates that this area is exclusive to Claudia. The drawing of a forest was chosen, to match the wall lamp whose indirect light makes the space warmer and also gives girls autonomy. Wallpaper and little tree lamp (€ 65), both from Deco & Living.

Children's desk

At the foot of the bed, and next to the glazed enclosure, Claudia's 3-year-old desk was located. Formed by a table and a pair of decorated chairs, there the girl colors and looks at stories. Mesa by Ikea. Chairs and cotton rug with gray dots, Deco & Living (€ 185).

Reindeer head

passion for animals Domestic or wild, children love wildlife. And to our protagonists, too. Therefore, the wall was decorated with a bear square and a reindeer head, so current. Dancers Art Print by Deco & Living (€ 25.99). Wooden reindeer, from Zara Home.

Distribution plan

1. REST AND STUDY AREA. Attached to a corner and overlooking the garden Claudia's bed was arranged, with a bedside table and chest of drawers. At the foot, a table and two chairs serve as a desk and, in front, a sideboard serves to store many stories and toys.
2. AREA OF GAMES. Two carpets, different in design and shape, were arranged in the center. Sitting on them, the two sisters share games.
3. COT. Perpendicular to the bed, Olivia's crib was placed, which is made bed, to facilitate the passage from one to another when it grows. A chair allows parents to attend if necessary.