Night and day: A renovated apartment in Barcelona

Night and day: A renovated apartment in Barcelona

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When the new owners of this apartment in Barcelona sat down with the interior designer Adela Cabré to propose the reform, they were clear that they preferred to do without rooms to have larger spaces. The 120 square meters of the house, overlooking Montjüic and Tibidabo, were divided into three rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, all of them independent and not very functional for them, a couple without children. Among the wish list of what they wanted / needed for their home were a bedroom with bathroom and dressing room en suite, a small bedroom for guests and a large common space with the kitchen, dining room and living room.

"The idea was to have ample space to fully enjoy and not lose housing in dead zones," explains Cabré, who drew the new floor by dividing the house into two areas, one day and one night, separated by a long corridor. Spreading one of the bedrooms between the adjacent bathroom and the hallway was able to enlarge both and make room for a closet front as a dressing room. Uniting the living room, dining room and kitchen in the same area expanded the boundaries of the guest bedroom and the courtesy toilet and visually expanded the interior. In the palette of materials and colors, warm and natural tones and finishes predominate, such as grays and the range of earth, wood and stone. Most of the furniture was custom designed to adapt perfectly to the spaces of the house and, most importantly, to its inhabitants.

Photos: Mireia Rodríguez

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The interior designer Adela Cabré signs the reform of this 120 square meter apartment located on the Gran Vía de les Cortes Catalanes, in Barcelona.

Less is more

The owners, a couple without children, wanted to do without some rooms in order to have more spacious spaces.

Day and night

The project is divided into 2 zones: the one at night, where there is a large bedroom with private bathroom and a dressing room-study, and the day area, where the living room with an integrated kitchen is located.


Stresses especially oak wood, with a clear hue.

Tear down barriers

Removing a wall from the corridor that communicates with the room, the corridor was visually integrated and the fluidity between the spaces was favored.


View of the living-dining room-kitchen, with differentiated spaces thanks to a half-height wall.

Black and white

In the kitchen they opted for white finished furniture and a magnetized black wall.

Dinning room

With wooden table and chairs.

Space taken advantage of

A recess was used to create a bookcase next to the dining room.

Shelving Detail Black is black

The wall was painted black, bringing depth and personality to the space.


A long corridor connects the area day and night.

Sliding door between bathroom and dressing room

The bathroom, on the left, has a large sliding door that causes it to merge with the dressing room. Behind the white door we find the toilet area.

Gain space

One of the bedrooms was removed and its space was distributed between the bathroom and the corridor, being able to install closets and create a dressing area.


The cabinets were custom designed, taking full advantage of the space.


With a wooden furniture and stone sink.


It has an anteroom that serves as a dressing room and study.


From the bedroom you can see the Tibidabo and from the living room, the Montjüic.

Courtesy toilet

A round round black porcelain tile was chosen to give contrast.

Before and after

Plans before and after the floor reform.