The Before and after a complete reform

The Before and after a complete reform

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Iker López Consuegra

A photographer and a fashion designer wanted to start a new stage in their life with a radical change: that of their home, a flat from the 60s in Madrid to which its bad distribution gave a labyrinthine and dark interior. And when we say labyrinthine, we do not exaggerate since, to enter the kitchen, you had to cross a bedroom (you can see the plan before and after in the gallery of images that precedes these lines).

The one in charge of making a blur and a new account was the architect Iker López Consuegra. "They wanted a multidisciplinary, creative, comfortable, aesthetic and harmonious space with which to identify themselves and in which to combine their private life with certain aspects of the professional," he tells us. The first step was to determine two areas, one public with the living room, dining room and kitchen, and another private, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office. Separating both we find a large sheet of wood that can be completely hidden in the wall. Once the functional distribution was achieved, the next objective was to take full advantage of the light entering through the south-facing windows. The interior designer devised mobile wrought iron and glass divisions that allow creating a border between the living room and the kitchen, while allowing the sun's rays to pass through. The access door to this common space is also glass, flooding the access hall of luminosity.

This minimalist canvas with airs factory It was perfect to display a style halfway between the Nordic and industrial. Design icons, such as chairs Tolix waves Wishbone Wegner have been mixed with pieces of simple lines and neutral colors and with prints and textiles that give depth, textures and character to the whole.

Advertising - Continue reading below Radical change

A reform led by the architect Iker López consuegra has completely transformed this apartment in Madrid.

Work and pleasure

The owners, a young creative couple, wanted a home with space to work from home.


The two objectives to be achieved were to achieve a more functional distribution and make the most of natural light.

The light was made

The light that entered through these windows was not used before, being enclosed between partitions.

Well surrounded

In the dining room, Wegner's mythical Wishbone chairs.

Nothing to hide

A mobile forge and glass division lets the light reach the interior of the house.

Mobile partitions

Opening or closing the sliding doors the kitchen is isolated or opened to the living room.

The island

The kitchen work area is bounded by an island.


A table was placed next to the island to be able to make informal meals in the kitchen

Know how to integrate

When the kitchen was exposed, discrete cabinets with simple lines were chosen.

Open doors Iker López Consuegra New distribution

Before this space was occupied by a bedroom that had to go through to go to the kitchen.

Natural light is at ease The access hall Clarity

Here also a glass door has been placed that lets in the light.

Private and public zone

This wooden sliding door separates both spaces.


White, wood and simple lines.

Gain space

The door of place was changed to be able to install more fitted wardrobes.

Relaxing Wooden headboard New skin

For the bathrooms, rectangular tiles in matt white have been chosen that help multiply natural light and stoneware tiles with hydraulic prints that also absorb light in a unique way.

Two better than one

In the main bathroom two opposite showers have been installed.

The second bathroom The lounge before Before

This partition is the one that was replaced by the glass division

The kitchen before The kitchen before The kitchen before The kitchen before The bedroom before Before The bathroom before The bathroom before The bathroom before Plan before Later plane