Combine pink with toasted tones

Combine pink with toasted tones

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If you like pink for your daughter's bedroom, but you want to run away from the conventional style, we propose a current decoration based on a light pink, more natural, combined with raw and toasted tones. Here are the keys to renovate a pink bedroom:
1. Make a striped socket that combines two natural tones, such as roasted and beige. Then paint the rest of the wall in the lighter shade.
2. Place a colorful carpet on the floor; dare with an intense pink tone and a bold design that, in addition, will be more suffered.
3. Choose furniture with straight lines; They are very current and, when the girl is older, they will not clash.

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Place the crib next to the wall so that the child has more space to play. If there is a window nearby, make sure it is waterproof and that the child does not open it. The set will be more cozy if you make a baseboard, as was done in this bedroom, decorated by Dijous. Cradle; quilt fabric; blanket armchair plus fabric; cushions and wooden dummy on the wall. All for sale in Dijous. Floor lamp, by Habitat.


Take advantage of a wall recess to place a shelf. They are always useful to have at hand your stories, stuffed animals, toys1 / 4 Choose it in a color that matches the wall and the fabric of the blind or the curtain. Icka Lack model shelf. Estor made by Cortinas Lladó. Picture in Dijous.

Chest of drawers and changing table

Choose a model like this, which adapts to the different ages of the girl. On the dresser of the photo a tray that fits perfectly to its surface was placed; It incorporates stops on the sides and handles, to move it easily. Chest of drawers and tray; from Amelia Arán. DesignersGuild carpet; in 1.40 x 2 m.

Keep the bottles in a bag so they don't get dirty.

Avoid handling them after they have been sterilized. Toilet bag and bottles; from Mothercare.

Look for cushion covers that are easily removed.

They are very practical those that tie themselves with strips making a bow. Designers Guild cushions in Dijous.

Decorate your room with educational pictures;

They can have letters, numbers, animals, geometric patterns or other figures. The child will gradually become familiar with them, without realizing it. Pictures of the firm Dádiva; in 23 x 23 cm.

Dress the crib in pastel colors:

Mauve, pink, blue, green ... They are perfect to create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere in your room. White sheet for cot and duvet cover with pink border; both are from the Designers Guild firm, for sale at Dijous.


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