'Factory style' windows to separate environments

'Factory style' windows to separate environments

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Glazed partitions with black profiles (usually metallic). It is the definition of a glass or industrial glazing. Although the metal profiles give the industrial air partition it is also somewhat retro and yet totally trendy. This type of solutions enriches an environment. And they are not only used in the passage area, they have also become fashionable in the bathroom to define the shower.

We have rescued all the ideas from Pinterest.

Advertising - Keep reading under Glazed partition with door

A glass wall separates the library from the hall in this house. Industrial air is mixed with the retro character that the hydraulic tile floor brings.

Interior design: Ateñier HR studio.

To the kitchen

This type of glazing visually communicates two environments.

In the home

In apartments or small flats, to delimit the living room bedroom, when they are usually in the same space. With some curtains it is possible to gain privacy when needed.

With doors With door to the bedroom With double leaf

With this type of partition the light is distributed, distributed. It is a perfect option for a darker area of ​​the house to gain brightness.

A sliding panel

Here a glazed sliding panel with bar and black profiles.

Quarters that open

An option of this type of glazing is that some of the quarters can be opened as windows to circulate more air.

They fit in all styles

Although they are framed within an industrial style, this type of glazing fits into all decorative styles.

Here we have focused on black and metallic profiles but there are also wooden ones, with different finishes that achieve very different effects. In color they are even very modern.

Glazing with black profiles to the ceiling

From floor to ceiling. Fixed panels and extra long hinges.

And if they were foldable?

The leaves of this solution are folded in fan or bellows. Thus, two spaces can be communicated or become independent when needed.

Fixed partition on wall

A fixture of this style on a wall. Without door, only the vain framed with the same black profile.

With sliding blades

They are organized at will.

Industrial window

Industrial window between kitchen and dining room.

Another option of folding sheets in bellows With opaque frames

The glass quarters are combined with opaque fixed black metal that grant some independence to the lower part of the room and allow to support furniture without the rear being in sight.

In the shower: a sheet and a fixed

This type of window with profiles is also used to define the shower.

Another solution of this type for the shower