How to decorate small bathrooms

How to decorate small bathrooms

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The distribution of the toilets will depend on the space of your bathroom. To get the most out of it, it is best to make a scale map showing the situation of the door and the window, the location of the water outlets, the plugs and the radiator. It is important to mark where the downspout is, since you must place the toilet next to it to avoid problems with clogging. Ideally, hide the toilet and bidet. The shower is a good alternative to the bathtub since it occupies less space and, being lower, it is easier to access it. You can opt for a dish, or solar the area with ceramic tiles, stone or tropical wood. Leave enough space in front to dry comfortably.

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If two environments combine perfectly are dressing room and bathroom. Therefore, when the meters are scarce and the toilet is a bit small, making them share space is a good solution. Here, the small area for the bathroom remained without a door next to the closet, also open. It is a proposal by the decorator Elena López-Fonta for a holiday home.

Small bathroom with shower

In small toilets and with a single entrance of natural light, a screen without profiles is perfect. The visual fusion is total and light flows freely throughout the bathroom. This was conceived by architects Ramón García Ortega and Manuel Ángel Gil Escuín when designing this space. Recife washbasin, from Valadares. Roca Loft Elite Taps. Wooden stool, from The Merchant of Venice. In the shower, matt black stoneware model Santelmo, from Todagres.

Synthetic materials in the bathroom

The narrow spaces are somewhat complicated to organize, especially when it comes to a bathroom. A very suitable solution is the commitment to synthetic materials, resins mixed with quartz, such as Silestone or Corian, which allow a perfect adaptation and multiple finishes. In this case a single piece was commissioned that acts as a countertop and sink at the same time; The set was completed with a wooden shelf and an antique mirror.

Bathroom wall organizers

Soap dish, glass for brushes, toothpaste ... It is possible that the countertop of the sink is insufficient to house everything we use in the bathroom every day. If this is your case, you will love this proposal: it is about simple bars that hang plastic containers to perfectly organize all products and, most importantly, have them on hand. A form of vertical storage that, in addition, is possible to manufacture at home with the right objects.

Chromatic unit in the bathroom

Covering floor and ceiling with the same paint tone unifies the spaces and provides a sense of continuity. In this bathroom it was a success, in addition, as a solution to renovate the exposed beams of the ceiling and to provide visual amplitude to a attic space. The rest of the walls were tiled with tile tiles, of the firm Keops, including the work furniture on which a washbasin rests, from Duravit. Accessories, by Trentino. It is a project of the architect Amaya Pérez Gandarias.

Give the bathroom a special touch

The choice of white color is a success in the bathroom: it conveys order and cleanliness and enhances the presence of pieces of decorative importance, such as a painting or vintage furniture. In this toilet, decorated by Belén Bilbao, the painting by Gonzalo Chillida and the old mahogany candle stand out. Natural leaves in simple vases tint the neutral. The sink embedded in the marble countertop is Roca.

Combine materials in the bathroom

Pure design in a few meters; It is the maxim of this mini bathroom where strong contrasts and striking materials are opted for. Here the intention is reversed and instead of looking for the dissimulation it is advocated to highlight each element. Thick varnished woods, steel washbasin, slate tiles and a pickled wood mirror form a solid and daring set of overwhelming presence. The built-in wall taps are from Dorn Bracht.

A very square bathroom

The cubic shapes triumph in this toilet decorated entirely in broken white and celadon green; A very elegant combination that always works. The integration of the different elements and the absence of furniture were basic conditions for the final success. Both the storage area and the base of the washbasin were solved with work designs: a tiled countertop that extends in the form of a base and a niche for cosmetics.

Amplitude effect in the bathroom

Visual amplitude is even more necessary if space is scarce; For example, dispensing with furniture under the sink is a success, as is the commitment to a high white Macael marble plinth, which brings lightness to the whole and also reflects the light. The mirror placed horizontally energizes the entire bathroom as a whole.

Dual use furniture

The versatility of some furniture makes it possible to place them in virtually any room in the house. This is the case with these useful and decorative stools, with space inside to store towels and high legs, which allow sweeping and scrubbing underneath. Only one recommendation, if you are going to place them in the bathroom, they must be protected from moisture with special oils or with a wood varnish. Molger stools, from Ikea.