Dolores Promesas fashion designer opens deco at her house in Potes

Dolores Promesas fashion designer opens deco at her house in Potes

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Courtesy of Alicia Hernández

If the north of Spain is characterized by something, it is for its mountainous areas. A land of myths and legends that, today, remains one of the most requested destinations for those who seek to flee the city, to reconcile with Mother Nature.

And in that idyllic environment you will find Potes, a beautiful municipality in the center of the region of Liébana, famous for the medieval struggles that took place, long ago, between the Mendoza and the Manrique.

With so much history and beauty around it, It is not surprising that an artistic soul like that of Alicia Hernández, creative director of the fashion firm Dolores Promesas, has decided to conceive her personal refuge here.

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The house, of traditional construction, was in good condition, since it had undergone a recent reform. Nevertheless, an intervention was missing in the important parts of the house, such as the kitchen and the floor, not forgetting the painting. The objectives of the project were, therefore: to provide more identity and give it a new air.

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The fashion designer, with the advice of Adriana Nicolau, and the invaluable collaboration of IKEA in the kitchen, set out to create his own concept of rural house, an exquisite combination of tradition and sophistication.

In Adriana's words: "The house needed a new not-so-rural air, with a touch of contained sophistication and darker paint tones to give personality and surprise the visitor. A more mature decoration, bringing together the different styles by which it goes passing a mind as creative and explosive as its owner's. "

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The ground floor also has a bedroom and a courtesy bathroom. On the upper floor, which is accessed by the main staircase, you will find three other bedrooms with bathrooms.

Wood and country tiles are the only materials allowed to not forget the surroundings. The rest of the spaces are characterized by a painting in intense colors that make the exterior landscape that seeps behind the windows stand out more (if possible), making them appear as another painting. Courtesy of Alicia Hernández Courtesy of Alicia Hernández The furniture comes from here and there, all of them acquired by Alicia. Courtesy of Alicia Hernández The lighting of the house is dim, indirect, applied according to the needs to highlight objects or wall decoration. Courtesy of Alicia Hernández

How could it be otherwise, the house also has some dream balconies They seem to invite to contemplate the trees in silence.

Courtesy of Alicia Hernández