Achís! How to reduce spring allergies at home

Achís! How to reduce spring allergies at home

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Spring is the most beautiful time of the year ... for some. Because as you are allergic, you are manage! Constant sneezing, red eyes and more swollen than Nemo ... Come on, a whole Show worth not remembering.

A problem that becomes even more important in areas such as employment, driving and even the socialization of people. And is that according to the latest report of the insurance comparator, almost seven out of ten allergy sufferers say that their condition prevents them from leading a normal life.

Among them, 60% say that it prevents them from fulfilling their labor obligations as they normally would, and two out of five say that driving becomes more complicated. In the most serious cases, allergy sufferers are even forced to stop social life. Terrible, don't you think?

But although miracles do not exist, There are several solutions that will help you cope with these months, also supporting you in decorating your home. Do you want to know how? Keep reading, we tell you!

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To get started, something as obvious as important is to keep the house very clean. You can use a robot vacuum that is responsible for leaving it as a whistle for you, and thus stay as far as possible from the dreaded dust. In addition, if you have pets it will come with pearls, since they are very efficient absorbing the allergens from our bugs.

Yes, do not approach the dusters, because they form authentic dust choreographies. It is better to opt for specific cloths, and if the chemicals feel bad for you, use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean. Natural and effective!

You should also know that pollen concentrations are higher during the first hours of the day and in the afternoon. Therefore, if you can afford it, ventilate the house at noon, and leave the windows closed the rest of the time. Also, when the pollen count is high, you should not dry your clothes outside, as this can adhere to the clothes. The humidifiers will take over to purify the indoor air.

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As for the decoration of your house, you will have to advocate for the minimalist life (at least for a few months). For example, furniture with straight and simple lines is cleaned much easier than others full of textures and recesses.

The ideal? Have the closed doors to avoid direct dust accumulation on the shelves. In fact, if you are part of the team of collectors of bolted figurines, it will be better to keep them for a while, because there is no worse thing for allergy than a shelf to overflow with objects.

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The next step will be get rid of excess cushions, blankets and carpets, because they are real dust magnets. Although if you cannot live without carpets, choose them from natural fibers such as jute, coconut, bamboo or sisal. For the same reason, nothing to use upholstered headboards. Yes, they are very cute, but they do not suit you (like that boy you liked at fifteen).

Curtains and blinds or ... blinds? In this case, the seconds win, especially if they are rolling and are made with easy-to-clean synthetic materials. And say goodbye to dust, mold, and insects!

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The mattresses also deserve a separate point, since in the times that run there are a lot of different models of latex and viscoelastic, specifically designed to alleviate allergies.

Other tips regarding cleaning are: change bedding more frequently than usual; clean mold in the bathroom regularly to prevent the spread of spores; and change your clothes as soon as you get home to avoid transferring pollen to the environment.