The hobbit house with the most impressive interiors

The hobbit house with the most impressive interiors

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The residence of more than 370 square meters was designed by Arthur Quarmby, a well-known architect who preferred to move to his house on the hill 41 years ago. Now, it's in the marked for $ 910,000. When you look more closely at the house, you will understand why.

The house has four bedrooms, which means that it is large enough for a more invited family (a surprise considering how small the hobbit houses are). And remember the pool we mentioned earlier. It is located in the beautiful family leisure area, with stone arches that span the entire stay. The sun bathes the entire space thanks to a 6-meter skylight and makes the pool a warmer and more welcoming place.

Oh and if you want to embrace even more the darkness of living underground, you can escape to the room called "The Cave", which has a cozy fireplace and (you guessed it) no natural light. So if you fancy a little vitamin D, you can go to the living room to enjoy the views of the Pennine hills behind the house. Adorable, right?

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Via: House Beautiful US